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Description And Objectives

Are you planning to use email marketing to reach out to your current and potential customers? Get ready to do it optimally with Mailchimp before you start. Configure everything properly and in full compliance with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law C-28, and then learn how to use the platform effectively to communicate with your customers.

In this 3-hour workshop, we share our screen with you so that you can easily follow and navigate through your own Mailchimp account.

Please note that you must have created your account before the workshop. Registration is free.

Training Plan

  1. Understand how Mailchimp works.
  2. Demystify the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation C-28 and its rules.
  3. Import and manage contacts and lists.
  4. Customize a signup form and import it to a website and Facebook page.
  5. Create emails that reflect the company's image.
  6. Set up an email marketing campaign.
Quotes Sign Dynamic trainer who knows and masters the subject. The two-block formula is interesting. It allows for the application of concepts learned in the first part without being too "overwhelmed" by an information overload. », Melissa R

Target Audience

Self-employed individuals or small businesses who want to set up an email marketing campaign using Mailchimp. Whether you're just starting out or already have a subscriber base, come and learn how to use the online platform effectively.


Davyd Quintal

Director of Innovative Solutions

Davyd is passionate about technology, video games, Netflix series and food, but his greatest obsession by far is the Web. An expert programmer, he has mastered the online landscape and thoroughly grasps its workings and challenges and—most important—the opportunities it presents. After more than 20 years in the field, Davyd is as fascinated as ever with the Internet. His primary focus today is using digital marketing to help businesses succeed.

As Wenovio’s leader and founder, Davyd has the expertise to find innovative solutions that will drive your business forward. In recent years, he has been sharing his knowledge and experience through educational videos, conferences, training programs and interactive workshops to help independent workers, SMEs and other organizations make the most of the ever-changing and expanding Web.

Davyd's trainings at Isarta

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