Isarta's Trainers

Myriam Jessier

Web Marketing Consultant

Myriam Jessier is a technical marketing expert and trainer. Specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), Google Analytics and Google Ads, they head PRAGM, a boutique agency in Montreal. Myriam's objective as a trainer is to effectively simplify technical concepts for professional marketers signing up for Isarta courses. Need to gain expertise by learning techniques, tools and approaches to take your company to the next level? Check out Myriam's courses. 

Quotes Sign Myriam keeps us engaged throughout the entire training. She has a strong command of the subject matter, is engaging, and makes us want to learn more and continue with the next training session ! », Frédérique S.
Quotes Sign A big wow. She absolutely nails her content and delivers it with passion. », Cloé B.
Quotes Sign The instructor knows how to capture and hold attention. She demonstrates generosity in sharing her knowledge. », Isabelle P.

Myriam's trainings at Isarta

Emeline Manson

Founder of CY-clic, trainer in fraud prevention and cybersecurity

When we think of cybersecurity, we think of technology and infrastructure. Why do we forget that humans play a role in 90% of attacks and scams?

Emeline Manson's mission is to train businesses to adopt better online practices to repel fraudsters and hackers.

She teaches at Polytechnique Montréal's Cyber Investigation Certificate program and runs a training and coaching company in fraud prevention and cybersecurity.

Her expertise is based on knowledge gained during her Bachelor's degree in Criminology, her specialization in cybercrime, her experience as a psychosocial intervenor, and her expertise in financial crime in the banking sector.

Quotes Sign Emeline is highly professional. She is also excellent in presentation and in simplifying complex information. », Anonyme
Quotes Sign Emeline provided us with excellent advice on how to protect ourselves and our businesses against cybercrime! Her way of teaching is simple, clear, and impactful, which helps us realize the dangers and how simple actions can make a difference. », Anonyme
Quotes Sign Emeline knows how to address the right topics without judgment or pressure. I definitely feel more equipped and in control to protect myself against cybercrime. », Anonyme

Emeline's trainings at Isarta

Julie-Anne Drolet CRIC LL.B. M.B.A.

Lawyer and accredited immigration consultant CRIC LL.B. M.B.A.

Julie-Anne studied law at the University of Ottawa and has been a regulated Canadian immigration consultant and a consultant accredited by the Ministry of Immigration, Francization and Integration since 2013. She is recognized for her outstanding work, exceptional dedication, and contribution to the advancement of immigration law.

Naturally altruistic, she volunteers with several organizations that assist newcomers. She is a passionate and dedicated lawyer who ensures that she undertakes the best options to successfully complete your immigration projects.

Julie-Anne regularly gives talks and training on immigration and international recruitment for several organizations and at various events.

Julie-Anne's trainings at Isarta

Bruno Bouchard

Enterprise Lean/Agile Advisor, Trainer, and Coach

Bruno Bouchard is a project management professional, methodologist, trainer, entrepreneur, and agile coach specializing in large enterprise transformation.

He has over 25 years of experience in IT consulting, training, architecture, and project management.

The last 15 years have been primarily focused on making project teams and organizations more effective through lean-agile approaches and innovation.

Bruno's trainings at Isarta

Michael Delis

Executive President & Director of Training and Methods.

Michael Delis is the Executive President & Director of Training and Methods at PMC, as well as a trainer at the PMI-Montreal chapter and an active member of Agile Montreal.

As a bilingual senior project management consultant, Agile coach/catalyst/professional, and certified instructor, Michael has developed his expertise through more than two decades of global consulting, training, project management, and engineering in the fields of IT, banking, business, transportation, mobile, telecommunications, aerospace, and aviation on various international client sites in North/South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Michael is also an experienced speaker who has served as a keynote speaker at various corporate events related to project management.

With a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal, Michael has received several certifications in Agile and Classical project management.

Michael is a dynamic and strong leader with excellent communication skills and is a passionate consultant and trainer who is always looking for opportunities to help individuals, teams, and organizations improve and achieve their strategic goals and maturity, transformation, and evolution towards agility.

Michael's trainings at Isarta

Benoit De Grâce

Vice President of PMC

Senior consultant and experienced trainer, Benoit De Grâce is the Vice President of PMC – Project Management Centre, a firm whose mission is to help clients achieve their projects faster, at a better cost, and with better results since 1996.

As a management consulting firm, PMC offers a wide range of project and portfolio management consulting services to its clients. Our consultants and trainers offer practical and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. We specialize in implementing strategic plans and Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid project management methodologies.

Benoit's trainings at Isarta

Davyd Quintal

Director of Innovative Solutions

Davyd is passionate about technology, video games, Netflix series and food, but his greatest obsession by far is the Web. An expert programmer, he has mastered the online landscape and thoroughly grasps its workings and challenges and—most important—the opportunities it presents. After more than 20 years in the field, Davyd is as fascinated as ever with the Internet. His primary focus today is using digital marketing to help businesses succeed.

As Wenovio’s leader and founder, Davyd has the expertise to find innovative solutions that will drive your business forward. In recent years, he has been sharing his knowledge and experience through educational videos, conferences, training programs and interactive workshops to help independent workers, SMEs and other organizations make the most of the ever-changing and expanding Web.

Davyd's trainings at Isarta

Joannie Bergeron

Founder of Immersive Productions and ACCRO Montréal, Event Strategist

Joannie Bergeron has been working in the event and communication industry for over fifteen years. As the founder of Immersive Productions, she is the visionary who sets the direction, propels, and amplifies the approach. A great strategist and exceptional creator, she produces impactful tailor-made experiences, focused on making a significant impact and acting as a springboard. As a producer, she unleashes event creativity and ensures that each production aligns perfectly with the brand, its uniqueness, its message, and most importantly, the participant it is targeting. Acting as a conductor, she mobilizes and brings together the best talents for each project. She is also the founder of ACCRO Montréal.

Joannie's trainings at Isarta

Nicolas CWYK

IT Business Analyst | Digital Transformation

Holder of a Master's degree in Computer Engineering and a graduate of HEC MBA (class of 2020), Nicolas CWYK has 10 years of professional experience in information technology (IT), primarily in advisory services for the analysis, design, development, and support of business applications.

His various mandates have led him to work in various sectors such as transportation, energy, aerospace, and even military, in France, UK, Canada, or the United States. During the early stages of his career, he completed missions with strong technological connotations to meet his clients' business needs in a transversal manner, seeking the optimization and efficiency of organizational processes. He also founded two e-commerce companies providing services to numerous SMEs and groups in their business domain by accompanying them in their digital transformation strategy.

With his successes, team player, daring, creative, and flexible, Nicolas CWYK makes his expertise available through his training and know-how so that the largest number of merchants can sell online efficiently and effectively.

Nicolas's trainings at Isarta

Michael Descharles

UX/Product Design Senior

Michael, a senior UX/Product designer with over 12 years of experience, creates intuitive, functional, and aesthetically pleasing products that solve real problems for users. From UX strategy to vision and UI design, these are the types of challenges he regularly tackles through a user-centered design process, thereby contributing to the company's performance.

He has worked with numerous clients, startups, and agencies such as Nurun Publicis, Playstation, Orange, L'Oréal, Vidéotron, Intact Assurance, the City of Montreal, and Star Citizen.

Currently a consultant in Montreal, he regularly trains and mentors young designers or designers in transition to give back to the community. He hosts UX facilitation sessions on his YouTube channel and dedicates time to conferences and workshops, such as MTL Interactive.

Michael's trainings at Isarta

Philippe Bussière

Specialist in CRM and Automation for SMEs

His enthusiasm for innovations that constantly revolutionize the world of digital marketing is only matched by his desire to share it with entrepreneurs and managers who seek his help.

In addition to being a businessman himself, Philippe is an author, speaker, and specialist in using new technologies as a springboard for success for SMEs.

He likes to make his clients think, to encourage them to ask the right questions so they can better understand their own business and improve its performance. After the right questions come the right choices : adopting strategies that are tailored to the reality of each business so that they can better meet the needs of their customers.

Philippe's trainings at Isarta

Stephane Lagrange

Management consultant and executive coach

With over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and business management, 15 years of experience in marketing and sales, and 10 years of experience in IT where he started his career, Stéphane is a change agent at the intersection of sales, marketing, and IT who helps leaders and managers maximize collaboration and productivity of their teams in constantly evolving work environments.

With thousands of hours of management consulting for renowned companies such as TELUS or BDC, Stéphane brings robust know-how anchored in the reality of teams' operational challenges at any level of the organization. He is equally capable of intervening on strategic orientation or reorganization matters as he is in the meticulous design of a business process and guiding its change management implementation to deliver the expected business value.

Quotes Sign Friendly, dynamic and competent trainer. », Pierre-Jean C.
Quotes Sign Great subject matter expertise, excellent communicator, and responsive to questions. », Jean-Francois G.

Stephane's trainings at Isarta

Sarah Jodoin-Houle, CEBS, CRHA

Talent value proposition expert

As a seasoned Talent Value Proposition Consultant, Sarah Jodoin-Houle, with a background mix of consulting, in-house management, and entrepreneurship, brings over 15 years of HR, total compensation, and communication expertise. She has supported a broad spectrum of organizations in becoming employers of choice.

Her contributions extend to research projects, numerous articles, and presentations on diverse HR and future of work topics. Sarah is also the founder of the boutique consulting firm La Talenterie and hosts a popular HR-focused podcast.

Sarah's trainings at Isarta

Augustin Delporte

Web Marketing Technical Consultant

Augustin Delporte is an expert in Google Tag Manager, certified in Google Analytics and Google Ads.

As a former developer, he has a strong command of the technical aspects of web marketing and e-commerce. His multidisciplinary approach enables him to address a wide range of performance measurement issues.

Quotes Sign Highly qualified and dynamic trainer who perfectly mastered the subject matter. They are able to adapt to the participants' realities. There were many examples related to the material presented. », Mario D.
Quotes Sign The instructor explains very well and takes the time to answer our questions. », Valérie B.

Augustin's trainings at Isarta

Lindsey Fletcher

Senior Account Manager

Lindsey is a detail-oriented PR professional with communications experience in the beauty & fashion industries. She’s worked across a range of homegrown start-ups to renowned global brands, all with a shared pursuit of reaching and connecting with the customer. Her areas of expertise include media relations, influencer marketing, social media, events and project management.

Lindsey's trainings at Isarta

Richard Saad

Business and Marketing Consultant

Richard Saad is a marketing expert and accomplished business leader with over 15 years of experience in both international and Canadian markets. He has won prestigious awards and has served large companies and institutions such as Pepsi, Audi, the Government of Quebec, IKEA, Gulf Bank, Yellow Pages Group, Bombardier, Quebecor, Pfizer, and many others.

In 2008, Richard Saad founded Remarkable Communications, a full-service agency based in Montreal. As the head of the company, he led numerous marketing projects and ensured a high level of creativity in all services provided by the agency. In addition to his full-time consulting work, Richard Saad shares his passion for marketing by teaching MBA courses at HEC Montreal and as a Global Program Leader in Washington DC, USA.

Richard Saad holds a Master's degree in Communications and Marketing from Laval University in Quebec, as well as an Executive MBA from McGill-HEC University. He also has a Bachelor's degree in Art and Advertising from the University of Montreal and a diploma in Graphic and Multimedia Design from the International Academy of Design.

Quotes Sign Great speaker. Great communicator. », Karla L.
Quotes Sign Highly competent speaker with very clear explanations ! », Sylvie H.

Richard's trainings at Isarta

Cédric Essiminy

Public Relations Advisor

Cédric Essiminy has been working in the communications industry for over 15 years. His professional experiences both behind and in front of the camera have provided him with a diverse and rich background, allowing him to develop an undeniable expertise as a communications professional and spokesperson through hundreds of interviews. For the past four years, Cédric Essiminy has been providing training at UdM and UQÀM on press relations and communication strategies.

Cédric's trainings at Isarta