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Description And Objectives

Currently, there are 24 million e-commerce websites and this number keeps growing. How can you market your products, increase your traffic, and make sales in a space that's becoming more competitive? Do you need step-by-step instructions instead of a confusing technical SEO audit from SEO tools? We simplify the process of planning your e-commerce content marketing.

This course teaches you how to develop a high-performing SEO content strategy for an online store.

There are so many places where your writing skills can contribute to increasing your SEO visibility and revenue. This course lays the groundwork for e-commerce SEO content strategy while teaching you the tricks of the trade.

Objectives :

  • Develop a content strategy for an online store
  • Adapt existing content to make it SEO-friendly
  • Create a specific SEO brief for each page

Training Plan

Theory is one thing, but putting it into practice can be difficult at times. We will review :

  • Strategies for promotional pages like Black Friday and Christmas
  • How to write your product listings to stand out in Google and generate online sales
  • How to optimize collection and category pages
  • Tips for better positioning in voice and visual search

Course content :

  1. Analyzing search intent behind keywords
    • Tools
    • Trends
    • The 10 ways to search for a product online
  2. Priority SEO pages : How to write a product listing, collection and category pages
  3. How to handle sales and promotions from an SEO perspective
  4. Building a lexical field and avoiding competition between your products
  5. Content strategy for an e-commerce blog
Quotes Sign Myriam was very dynamic and engaging. She did an excellent job of adapting her training to the participants. Great Job ! », Johanne
Quotes Sign I really appreciated Myriam's energy and her intention to bring life to a training session that lasts a whole morning. Myriam has a good grasp of her subject and simplifies it in a way that makes us feel confident with the material. I also appreciated her openness to discuss cases that went a little beyond the main topic of the training, allowing us to apply the knowledge gained to other aspects of our work. », Valerie G.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at e-commerce content writers, coordinators, and marketing strategists.


Myriam Jessier

Web Marketing Consultant

Myriam Jessier is a technical marketing expert and trainer. Specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), Google Analytics and Google Ads, they head PRAGM, a boutique agency in Montreal. Myriam's objective as a trainer is to effectively simplify technical concepts for professional marketers signing up for Isarta courses. Need to gain expertise by learning techniques, tools and approaches to take your company to the next level? Check out Myriam's courses. 

Quotes Sign Myriam keeps us engaged throughout the entire training. She has a strong command of the subject matter, is engaging, and makes us want to learn more and continue with the next training session ! », Frédérique S.
Quotes Sign A big wow. She absolutely nails her content and delivers it with passion. », Cloé B.
Quotes Sign The instructor knows how to capture and hold attention. She demonstrates generosity in sharing her knowledge. », Isabelle P.
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