Cybersecurity : How to Respond to a Cyber Attack

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Description And Objectives

Being the victim of a cyber attack can lead to a lot of problems, which is why it is important to anticipate the risk and focus on prevention. No one wants their information or their clients' information to be stolen and shared.

Are you adequately protected against the risks?

How can you avoid losing your hard-earned reputation with just one click?

What are your obligations related to data?

The objective of the training is therefore to empower individuals by demystifying best online practices and understanding their legal obligations.

Training Plan

Let's take a break and breathe. Although good online practices drastically reduce opportunities for cybercriminals, there is no such thing as zero risk. Anyone can be a victim of a cyber attack at any time. This module presents a method for responding to these attacks, as well as to ransomware demands related to data stored on company devices or servers.

General objective : Define priorities in the event of an incident both internally and externally to the company.

Specific objectives :

  • Knowing how to manage a crisis situation in the event of a cyber attack.
  • Determining how to react internally and externally.
  • Defining legal obligations.
  • Preparing a post-mortem to prevent the incident from recurring.

Target Audience

This training is aimed at all solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, supervisors of private companies, as well as startup entrepreneurs and leaders, and members of various professional orders (lawyers, CPAs, certified administrators).


Emeline Manson

Founder of CY-clic, trainer in fraud prevention and cybersecurity

When we think of cybersecurity, we think of technology and infrastructure. Why do we forget that humans play a role in 90% of attacks and scams?

Emeline Manson's mission is to train businesses to adopt better online practices to repel fraudsters and hackers.

She teaches at Polytechnique Montréal's Cyber Investigation Certificate program and runs a training and coaching company in fraud prevention and cybersecurity.

Her expertise is based on knowledge gained during her Bachelor's degree in Criminology, her specialization in cybercrime, her experience as a psychosocial intervenor, and her expertise in financial crime in the banking sector.

Quotes Sign Emeline is highly professional. She is also excellent in presentation and in simplifying complex information. », Anonyme
Quotes Sign Emeline provided us with excellent advice on how to protect ourselves and our businesses against cybercrime! Her way of teaching is simple, clear, and impactful, which helps us realize the dangers and how simple actions can make a difference. », Anonyme
Quotes Sign Emeline knows how to address the right topics without judgment or pressure. I definitely feel more equipped and in control to protect myself against cybercrime. », Anonyme
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