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Description And Objectives

This training will help you to identify your target audience and customer lifecycle in order to automate all marketing and sales processes. Participants will learn to better utilize their subscriber and customer lists, automate lead generation, optimize prospect-to-customer conversion, and turn customers into advocates using various tools, platforms, resources, and practical tips.

Objectives :

  • Evaluate the phases to optimize in your marketing
  • Identify the phases where automation will impact the organization's performance
  • Develop the reflexes to think and create automations
  • Master the tools and concepts needed to leverage a subscriber list
  • Integrate email marketing and automation to generate leads, warm them up, and make an offer when they're ready to receive it
  • Visualize your technological ecosystem and identify connections where information should flow without intervention.

Training Plan

  1. Choosing your CRM and automation platform
  2. Organizing your B2B and B2C contacts
  3. Finding your way around a CRM
  4. Marketing automations for more freedom
  5. Triumvirate: AI, CRM, and content production
  6. CRM nomenclature for posterity
  7. Building end-to-end automation
  8. The role of newsletters vs. the role of automations
  9. Setting up a pipeline and linking automations

Target Audience

  • You're an entrepreneur and want to accelerate your digital transformation.
  • You're a marketing manager and want to save time in your day.
  • You're a solopreneur and need to be available when it counts and automate the rest.
  • You want to increase the reach and effectiveness of your newsletter.
  • You want to be more effective in following up with your prospects, subscribers, and clients.
  • You've realized that your "big" Excel file is not your future and that you need a powerful CRM and automation tool.
  • You've had your "aha" moment: you now understand that the growth of your business and your quality of life depend on modernizing your business processes.


Philippe Bussière

Specialist in CRM and Automation for SMEs

His enthusiasm for innovations that constantly revolutionize the world of digital marketing is only matched by his desire to share it with entrepreneurs and managers who seek his help.

In addition to being a businessman himself, Philippe is an author, speaker, and specialist in using new technologies as a springboard for success for SMEs.

He likes to make his clients think, to encourage them to ask the right questions so they can better understand their own business and improve its performance. After the right questions come the right choices : adopting strategies that are tailored to the reality of each business so that they can better meet the needs of their customers.

Philippe's trainings at Isarta

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