Total Compensation: Keys to Enhancing Talent Attraction and Retention

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Description And Objectives

If you're a professional in human resources or recruitment seeking to deepen your grasp of total compensation strategies to present them more effectively and impactfully, this course is tailored for you.

Immerse yourself in the nuances of total compensation offerings through this class. You'll cultivate a detailed understanding, essential for highlighting these packages. Gain the ability to showcase the strengths of your compensation package and benchmark it against competitors' offerings with accuracy and relevance.

Participants will also gain access to practical examples and tools to craft their communication strategies and key messages throughout the employee experience lifecycle.

Training Plan

  1. Introduction to Total Compensation: Exploring the fundamentals, including salary, bonuses, social benefits, and non-monetary perks.
  2. Total Compensation Strategy: Understanding its alignment with corporate objectives and the employer brand. 
  3. Direct Compensation: Detailed examination of base salary, bonuses, and incentives.
  4. Indirect Compensation: The role of insurance, retirement savings, vacation, and other benefits.
  5. Non-Monetary Compensation: The significance of flexible arrangements, work-life harmony, and additional non-financial perks.
  6. Competitiveness Analysis: Evaluating and contrasting your compensation package against the market using specialized tools and resources. 
  7. Valuing Total Compensation: Techniques for effective presentation and communication of benefits.
  8. Crafting Recruitment Messages and Tools: Generating compelling content for career portals and job listings. 
  9. Showcasing the Offer: Tactics for highlighting benefits during negotiations and when extending offers.
  10. Enhancing Compensation Value: Strategies to continually affirm the package's value throughout employment

Target Audience

This course is ideal for HR professionals, recruiters, and anyone involved in the orchestration or presentation of total compensation packages.


Sarah Jodoin-Houle, CEBS, CRHA

Talent value proposition expert

As a seasoned Talent Value Proposition Consultant, Sarah Jodoin-Houle, with a background mix of consulting, in-house management, and entrepreneurship, brings over 15 years of HR, total compensation, and communication expertise. She has supported a broad spectrum of organizations in becoming employers of choice.

Her contributions extend to research projects, numerous articles, and presentations on diverse HR and future of work topics. Sarah is also the founder of the boutique consulting firm La Talenterie and hosts a popular HR-focused podcast.

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