Employer Branding Design: Key Steps Towards a Winning Strategy

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Description And Objectives

Designed for HR and communication professionals, this course provides the keys to build and develop a powerful employer brand, at the crossroads of HR and marketing skills. An effective employer brand is one deeply rooted in the employee experience and brilliantly highlighted to attract and retain talent in a competitive market. By addressing advanced communication strategies and creating a unique visual identity, while navigating through the nuances of equity, diversity, and inclusion, participants will learn to shape a brand that not only resonates authentically internally but also effectively communicates to their target audience.

Objectives :

  • Master the creation of an authentic employer brand, integrating equity, diversity, and inclusion values.
  • Acquire a concise methodology to develop, communicate, and measure the effectiveness of the employer brand.
  • By the end of the training, participants will be able to design their own employer brand guide, an essential tool to ensure long-term strategy coherence and effectiveness.

Training Plan

Introduction to employer branding: Definition and strategic importance in talent attraction and retention.

  1. Strategic objectives of employer branding: How to align the brand with the company's DNA and objectives.
  2. Employer branding architecture and key components: Brand vision, culture pillars, value proposition to talents, and key messages.
  3. Visual identity and unique voice: Creating a visually distinct identity and communication approach.
  4. Definition of talent personas: Targeting and understanding audience expectations, considering inclusivity.
  5. Employer branding project management: From conception to the creation of a branding guide.
  6. Impact measurement: Using indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of your employer brand.

Target Audience

HR, communication, and marketing professionals.


Sarah Jodoin-Houle, CEBS, CRHA

Talent value proposition expert

As a seasoned Talent Value Proposition Consultant, Sarah Jodoin-Houle, with a background mix of consulting, in-house management, and entrepreneurship, brings over 15 years of HR, total compensation, and communication expertise. She has supported a broad spectrum of organizations in becoming employers of choice.

Her contributions extend to research projects, numerous articles, and presentations on diverse HR and future of work topics. Sarah is also the founder of the boutique consulting firm La Talenterie and hosts a popular HR-focused podcast.

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