Media Relations: Key Principles

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Description And Objectives

The public relations sector is the cornerstone of the vast field of marketing. Therefore, the relationships between journalists and promoters are extremely important, and PR is among the most important tasks in communications for businesses or non-profit organizations looking to attract media attention. It is therefore imperative to promote an event with fidelity and efficiency, leaving a lasting impression and making people remember the organizer, spokesperson, producer, and broadcaster.

With the right tools and strategies, you can effectively promote a project from its launch. This practical training will enable you to apply the rules right away from the next day.

Training Plan

The objectives of this training are to teach participants :

  1. The strategic rules used to market and promote different products or events through press relations;
  2. The world of media and how to understand the psychology of media;
  3. How to work with journalists;
  4. Analysis of key messages;
  5. How to use media releases and the necessary tools for it;
  6. Difference between national, local, and community media;
  7. Establishment of press lists;
  8. Effective press release writing;
  9. Organizing media events that will attract journalists;
  10. Radio and television interview program;
  11. How to train your spokesperson;
  12. Using social media;
  13. Risk and crisis management.
Quotes Sign The trainer was passionate! It showed in the way he shared his knowledge. I would take a second part without any problem!! There were many case studies, it was perfect! », Vickie
Quotes Sign The trainer had a perfect mastery of his subject! He had great examples to illustrate the theory. I really like it when a trainer presents us with real cases and concrete examples that we can find around us. The theory is much easier to grasp. », Tamara

Target Audience

Anyone in charge of communications working for a company, a region, a municipality, or a non-profit organization, etc.


Cédric Essiminy

Public Relations Advisor

Cédric Essiminy has been working in the communications industry for over 15 years. His professional experiences both behind and in front of the camera have provided him with a diverse and rich background, allowing him to develop an undeniable expertise as a communications professional and spokesperson through hundreds of interviews. For the past four years, Cédric Essiminy has been providing training at UdM and UQÀM on press relations and communication strategies.

Cédric's trainings at Isarta

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