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Description And Objectives

Today, it's impossible to ignore the world of influencer marketing and the phenomenon of influencers/content creators!

Macro, niche, micro, nano, CPE, ER percentage, CPV, CPM, average view count... these are all new terms to get acquainted with, and they bring along a host of new questions!

Are you wondering how (and if) it works, how to select influencers based on your objectives, which platform(s) to consider, how much budget to allocate, and how to assess the success of your campaign?

You're in luck! The goal of this training is precisely to equip marketing and communication professionals with the tools they need to create coherent and effective campaigns while mastering the ins and outs of influencer marketing.

Training Plan

  1. Overview of Influencer Marketing
  2. Different categories of influencers
  3. Choosing the right type of influencer for your goals
  4. How to identify influencers and which criteria to consider
  5. Selecting the appropriate platform and format
  6. Budget planning strategies
  7. The 10 Key steps to a successful campaign
    • Defining Your Strategy
    • Setting Campaign Objectives
    • Choosing Your Collaborators
    • Creating an Effective Brief
    • Initiating Outreach
    • Negotiating Agreements
    • Content Approval
    • Monitoring Publications
    • Generating a Report
    • Gaining Insights
  8. Understanding key performance indicators
  9. Content repurposing
  10. Recap of best practices
  11. Conclusion

Target Audience

This training is aimed at all professionals in the marketing and communication field.


Lindsey Fletcher

Senior Account Manager

Lindsey is a detail-oriented PR professional with communications experience in the beauty & fashion industries. She’s worked across a range of homegrown start-ups to renowned global brands, all with a shared pursuit of reaching and connecting with the customer. Her areas of expertise include media relations, influencer marketing, social media, events and project management.

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