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Description And Objectives

This training aims to share (or remind) the principles of effective interpersonal communication and to provide a proven 8-step methodology for successfully managing a dissatisfied client. Note that this methodology can also be applied to other contexts of tense relationships between individuals.

The training will also help to better understand the process of request management, enabling managers and coordinators to better manage each step with message templates to communicate as the process progresses, in order to standardize responses and minimize stress when it comes to saying "no" or announcing bad news (such as delays or cancellations, for example) to the person making the request.

Objectives :

During this training, you will discover a proven methodology from the call center industry that will enable you to communicate effectively by actively listening and focusing on the only thing you control in this situation: the relationship with the person making the request or expressing dissatisfaction.

You will also have access to tools and methodologies to reduce your own or your team's stress in managing requests and dissatisfied individuals, regardless of their nature.

Training Plan

The following topics will be covered :

  1. Review of interpersonal communication dynamics and their challenges
  2. Identifying the types of requests that can be made and typical expectations for these requests
  3. The importance of managing expectations and what you can control in managing them
  4. Managing expectations versus managing the problem
  5. Choosing the most appropriate mode of communication depending on the situation (in person, phone call, email)
  6. The 8 proven steps for effectively managing difficult customers
  7. Understanding the process of managing requests
  8. Understanding how to facilitate expectation management and minimize stress within a service by using email templates for each step of the process

Teaching approach :

  • Presentation of theory and tools on-screen
  • Interactive discussions at various points throughout the training to help participants understand the concepts
  • Workshop with role-playing exercises to put into practice and master the 8 proven steps for managing difficult customers.
Quotes Sign I really enjoyed the training, which was packed with tips that will be useful to me in my work and that I can share with my team. I will definitely talk about this training to my colleagues ! », Cathy M.

Target Audience

Director of service, team manager, process or request management coordinator, or any professional who wishes to improve their communication and influence skills in relational contexts that may be tense or complex.


Stephane Lagrange

Management consultant and executive coach

With over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and business management, 15 years of experience in marketing and sales, and 10 years of experience in IT where he started his career, Stéphane is a change agent at the intersection of sales, marketing, and IT who helps leaders and managers maximize collaboration and productivity of their teams in constantly evolving work environments.

With thousands of hours of management consulting for renowned companies such as TELUS or BDC, Stéphane brings robust know-how anchored in the reality of teams' operational challenges at any level of the organization. He is equally capable of intervening on strategic orientation or reorganization matters as he is in the meticulous design of a business process and guiding its change management implementation to deliver the expected business value.

Quotes Sign Friendly, dynamic and competent trainer. », Pierre-Jean C.
Quotes Sign Great subject matter expertise, excellent communicator, and responsive to questions. », Jean-Francois G.
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