Google Tag Manager - The Basics

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Description And Objectives

Never be intimidated by Google Tag Manager again! In this training, you will learn how this tool works, but also when to use it, why, and how.

From triggers to variables, we will go through all the gears that make this tag manager offered by Google unique. For a smoother start, we will also show you how to use Google Tag Manager as a team and take advantage of its versioning system by applying best practices.

Finally, we will show you how to set up tags, such as the Google Analytics pageview tag, an event for the same platform, or the Facebook pixel.

Important: Have access to a GTM account connected to a website.

Training Plan

  1. What is Google Tag Manager and what is it used for
  2. Why use it, especially with Google Analytics
  3. How to install it
  4. How it works
    • Tags
    • Triggers
    • Variables
    • Folders
  5. How to work collaboratively in this tool
  6. How to use versions
  7. How to add important tags
    • Google Analytics pageview
    • Facebook Pixel
    • Google Analytics event tracking
Quotes Sign The strong point is the trainer! Augustin has a perfect mastery of his content. His tone is clear and his thinking is structured. », Muriel
Quotes Sign The trainer was relevant and mastered the subject matter well. The visual support made it easy to follow the explanations and understand what was being taught. », Alyson M.

Target Audience

This training is mainly intended for Web Marketing specialists, analysts, and developers who want to start using Google Tag Manager effectively.



Augustin Delporte

Web Marketing Technical Consultant

Augustin Delporte is an expert in Google Tag Manager, certified in Google Analytics and Google Ads.

As a former developer, he has a strong command of the technical aspects of web marketing and e-commerce. His multidisciplinary approach enables him to address a wide range of performance measurement issues.

Quotes Sign Highly qualified and dynamic trainer who perfectly mastered the subject matter. They are able to adapt to the participants' realities. There were many examples related to the material presented. », Mario D.
Quotes Sign The instructor explains very well and takes the time to answer our questions. », Valérie B.
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