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Description And Objectives

Discover the fundamentals to build an effective and comprehensive e-commerce strategy. From ways to attract qualified traffic to techniques for customer loyalty, as well as analyzing the performance of your site, this training offers you the essential knowledge to develop a promotional and optimization strategy that will lead to success.

The knowledge we will provide you with will also help you avoid the many pitfalls that arise when trying to grow your e-commerce store. We will teach you best practices to get off to a good start and increase your visibility without damaging your brand image.

In order to maximize your promotion efforts, we will also expose you to tactics that will help you make the most of your existing customers and past traffic.

Training Plan

  1. The Fundamentals
    • Understanding how an e-commerce strategy works
    • Apprehending the strategic issues specific to Web Marketing
    • Choosing the CMS and your ecosystem
  2. Being where your (future) clients are
    • Which sources of traffic to focus on
    • How to prioritize your efforts and budget
    • How to combine brand image and increased visibility
  3. Transforming your online store into a sales machine
    • Best practices for an optimized platform
    • Techniques to maximize your conversions
    • A few tactics to increase your sales
  4. Fostering customer loyalty: optimizing revenues with your existing customers
    • Retargeting tactics
    • Newsletter tactics
    • Other techniques to capitalize on your existing customer base
  5. Analysis of the customer journey : Analytics
    • Personas
    • Measurement tools to deploy
    • How and why to analyze your data
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Target Audience

This training is aimed at current or future owners, managers, or marketing managers of transactional websites who want to build their strategy, but also to anyone who aims to better understand e-commerce and its workings.


Augustin Delporte

Web Marketing Technical Consultant

Augustin Delporte is an expert in Google Tag Manager, certified in Google Analytics and Google Ads.

As a former developer, he has a strong command of the technical aspects of web marketing and e-commerce. His multidisciplinary approach enables him to address a wide range of performance measurement issues.

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