Optimizing the analysis of data from Google Analytics 4

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Description And Objectives

Google Analytics 4 is a tool with unique features that can sometimes make data analysis complex. However, what's the point of using a tool like this if it's not possible to extract valuable insights from it?

This training aims to acquaint you with the various reports available in Google Analytics, as well as external solutions within the Google suite for accessing the data you require. Learn how to customize and organize standard reports, and also create Explorations. The goal is to equip you with the knowledge to conduct your analyses more effectively.

It's essential to have access to a Google Analytics 4 property to fully benefit from this training.

Training Plan

  1. Effectively conceptualize your data needs
    • Define your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Create a measurement strategy with a clear plan
    • Determine your reporting and dashboard requirements
  1. Basic configuration and reminders for accessing Google Analytics 4 data
    • Data limitations
    • Events and conversions
    • Segments and audiences
    • Utilizing custom definitions
  1. Using standard reports
    • Customizing these reports
    • Creating standard reports
    • Using collections
  1. Going further with Explorations
    • Introduction to their functionality
    • Exercises and examples of techniques
  1. Building dashboards with Looker Studio
    • Using the Google Analytics 4 connector
    • Introduction to using Looker Studio
  1. Introduction to Google BigQuery

Target Audience

This training is suitable for anyone who is beginning to work with Google Analytics 4 or those who seek guidance in analyzing data provided by the tool.


Augustin Delporte

Web Marketing Technical Consultant

Augustin Delporte is an expert in Google Tag Manager, certified in Google Analytics and Google Ads.

As a former developer, he has a strong command of the technical aspects of web marketing and e-commerce. His multidisciplinary approach enables him to address a wide range of performance measurement issues.

Quotes Sign Highly qualified and dynamic trainer who perfectly mastered the subject matter. They are able to adapt to the participants' realities. There were many examples related to the material presented. », Mario D.
Quotes Sign The instructor explains very well and takes the time to answer our questions. », Valérie B.
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