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Description And Objectives

Master the art of web writing to include all audiences in your content strategy! Writing accessible content allows brands to reach more customers, convert them effectively, and enhance their brand image.

In this Isarta course, you will learn to create digital content accessible to all, meeting the requirements of WCAG standards:

  • Reach a broader and more inclusive audience, maximizing the impact of marketing campaigns.
  • Create an optimal user experience for everyone, fostering customer loyalty.
  • Increase conversions and sales, optimize SEO.
  • Demonstrate the company's CSR commitment, stand out from the competition.
  • Avoid legal risks associated with inaccessible content.

Training Plan

On the agenda :

  1. The fundamentals of digital accessibility presented as an addition to your current work.
  2. Users with specific needs: understanding their specifics to better target them.
  3. Optimizing the structure of your content for smooth and intuitive navigation.
  4. Writing clear and concise texts adapted to screen reading and neurodivergent individuals.
  5. Mastering SEO while respecting accessibility standards.
  6. Practical tips for illustrating your content inclusively with optimized images and videos.
  7. Discovering tools to assist you.

You will acquire :

  • Expertise in accessible and inclusive web writing.
  • Concrete techniques to optimize your content.
  • A better understanding of WCAG standards.
Quotes Sign Great experience and generous sharing by the trainer. », Marie-Claude G.
Quotes Sign The fact that we were a small group in the training allowed for more personalized dialogue, which also made the learning environment more conducive to questions. The content of the training was relevant and provided me with valuable knowledge that I will certainly use in future assignments. », Elyzabeth M.

Target Audience

This course is intended for:

  • Content strategists
  • Digital communication managers
  • SEO specialists
  • Web project managers
  • Anyone looking to optimize their SEO while creating accessible content.


Myriam Jessier

Web Marketing Consultant

Myriam Jessier is a technical marketing expert and trainer. Specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), Google Analytics and Google Ads, they head PRAGM, a boutique agency in Montreal. Myriam's objective as a trainer is to effectively simplify technical concepts for professional marketers signing up for Isarta courses. Need to gain expertise by learning techniques, tools and approaches to take your company to the next level? Check out Myriam's courses. 

Quotes Sign Myriam keeps us engaged throughout the entire training. She has a strong command of the subject matter, is engaging, and makes us want to learn more and continue with the next training session ! », Frédérique S.
Quotes Sign A big wow. She absolutely nails her content and delivers it with passion. », Cloé B.
Quotes Sign The instructor knows how to capture and hold attention. She demonstrates generosity in sharing her knowledge. », Isabelle P.
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