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Description And Objectives

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. But so is your career in content creation!

Tailored for writers, social media managers, and content specialists, this training aims to enhance your skills and enable you to remain competitive in your content creation field. The goal is to empower you to effectively leverage AI tools in your content creation process.

Here's what awaits you :

  • An approach to combining AI and your human ingenuity
  • Proven methodologies broken down into digestible lessons
  • Practical exercises and real-life examples
  • Guidance to enhance your LLM prompts
  • A prompt library to help you increase efficiency

Training Objectives: Mastery of AI-assisted Content Creation

  • Training Objectives: Mastery of AI-assisted Content Creation
  • Develop skills in using AI tools, especially ChatGPT, to enhance content creation across various formats.
  • Strategically optimize content to achieve maximum engagement, encourage conversion, and improve online content visibility.
  • Learn to seamlessly integrate AI technology into existing content workflows to increase efficiency and unlock new possibilities.
  • Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate content creation in a constantly evolving technological environment.

Training Plan

  1. Introduction to AI in Content Creation (30 minutes)
    • Understanding the role of AI in web content creation
    • Overview of AI-powered tools and platforms
    • Areas where AI is useful and where it's not
  2. Improving Your Copywriting Skills and Staying Ahead (45 minutes)
    • Successfully combining your writing skills with the latest AI tools
    • How to save time and stand out
    • Rethinking your workflows
    • Learning to approach and test other AI tools besides ChatGPT
  3. Writing Compelling Texts with AI (60 minutes)
    • Learning the most important questions to ask when writing text
    • Avoiding common mistakes that derail success
    • Creating persuasive product descriptions and blog articles
    • Personalizing content for maximum impact using AI algorithms
  4. Practice and Case Studies (60 minutes)
    • Interactive exercises using AI tools for content creation
    • Analyzing case studies of successful content campaigns driven by AI
    • Learning to transform generic AI-generated messages into engaging ones with other prompts
    • Q&A session and resolving common issues
  5. Ethical Considerations and Future Trends (15 minutes)
    • Exploring the ethical implications of AI in content creation
    • Practical considerations in communicating with clients about AI-assisted content
    • Strategies to stay current amidst all changes
  6. Conclusion and Closure (15 minutes)
Quotes Sign Myriam is a good trainer, the content is relevant and she explains well. She takes the time to listen and allows us to ask questions openly as we go along. This is not my first training with her nor will it be my last ;) », Marie-Noel R.
Quotes Sign I loved her energy and the way she conducted the training. By considering our concrete needs, she was able to offer us great alternatives in AI. », Catherine C.
Quotes Sign The trainer is very engaging, knows her subject well, and is very responsive to the participants' inputs. », Ann-Julie P.

Target Audience

Content creators (writing, social media, newsletters) of all levels


Myriam Jessier

Web Marketing Consultant

Myriam Jessier is a technical marketing expert and trainer. Specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), Google Analytics and Google Ads, they head PRAGM, a boutique agency in Montreal. Myriam's objective as a trainer is to effectively simplify technical concepts for professional marketers signing up for Isarta courses. Need to gain expertise by learning techniques, tools and approaches to take your company to the next level? Check out Myriam's courses. 

Quotes Sign Myriam keeps us engaged throughout the entire training. She has a strong command of the subject matter, is engaging, and makes us want to learn more and continue with the next training session ! », Frédérique S.
Quotes Sign A big wow. She absolutely nails her content and delivers it with passion. », Cloé B.
Quotes Sign The instructor knows how to capture and hold attention. She demonstrates generosity in sharing her knowledge. », Isabelle P.
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